Created For Connection

Created for Connection is a book written by Sue Johnson and Kenny Sanderfer. Chad and Angela use the concepts from this Faith-Based program to host a Marriage Workshop that is designed to help couples navigate the places where they often get stuck and have conversations that bring them closer together. Offered in a weekend format, these in person workshops are hosted at different venues nationwide. Check out our upcoming schedule.

Take My Hand

Every engaged couple looks forward to the day they say “I do.” Yet, in the in-between, there can be uncertainty – how can we balance our different families? How do we handle disagreement? How can we share are deepest feelings?

In this course, Chad and Angela lay out the foundation for a strong and healthy marriage. You and your partner will learn about secure relationships and how to handle conflict when it arises. With this knowledge, you’ll develop a relationship that will last a lifetime.

Contact Chad and Angela to find out when the next In Person class for engaged couples is scheduled, or purchase access to the online version of this course.