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The Real Imhoffs


We are Chad and Angela Imhoff and we live in Northwest Arkansas. We are in the business of helping others, any way that we can. In 2010 we met in graduate school while both studying Marriage and Family Therapy. Chad is a licensed therapist and supervisor who is also certified in EFT (Emotionally Focused Therapy). Angela is a certified life coach and church ministry leader of a faith based 12-step program called Celebrate Recovery. Not only do we work with couples, families and individuals in a client-based setting, but we also walk alongside people in our community, helping them overcome the hardships of life. We use the experiences from our own stories as the foundation for the influence we have on others.

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How we can help you

If you are a therapist

As an EFT trained therapist and supervisor, Chad will give practical examples of how to navigate some of the things that show up in our field. As a person who has been in therapy for years (seriously though), Angela will share authentic portions of her journey and what it took to create change in her life.

Follow us on Facebook, watch our videos, read our posts and listen in on our podcasts where we'll share the insight we've learned along the way.

If You are in recovery

As a person in recovery, sometimes it can feel as though there is a huge gap between working the steps and seeing or feeling real change in your life. Angela and Chad use their training in mental health to help you progress in your recovery more effectively. We share our insight through videos, teachings and posts so that you can learn new tools and be encouraged as you gain health in your recovery. 

Not in recovery or therapy?

Our goal is to share the insight we've gained from our lives to inspire hope and courage in the hearts and lives of others. You don't have to be in an impossible place to be a part of our mission.  We feel honored that you've given us your time and we'd love for you to join our efforts of encouraging hope in others.

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